Email evidence between the Dutch games Publisher and the Chinese games Publisher, the names I have made unrecognizable.                                                                                                                                                                                           I have the real emails between the persons with names in my mailbox.

The Chinese game Publisher tolt the Dutch game Publisher that the game Tangram is very popular in China.      The Dutch game Publisher tolt the Chinese game Publisher that a person in the Netherlands invented a new game with the game Tangram and tolt also that the same person has invented the Puzzle Assignments of 400 different figures.

I am the person invented the Puzzle Assignments of 400 different figures, so I am the author and not the Dutch game Publischer. 

In my mailbox I have still all the evidence that I am the inventor of this game because I have save in Dutch language all the emails between my and the Dutch game Publischer.  

Under my permission China made the game Twisting Tangrams for in the Neherlands in the year of 2010, to sell it here in this country in the Netherlands. 

October 1, 2015 the Duche game Publisher stopped with his company as game Publisher and my game was also stopped for selling, but I have still the copyright.

It was also very strange that in 2016 the game Travel Tangram was released in China with my Puzzle Assignments that I made it for my game Twisting Tangrams.